Monday, September 20, 2010

Bella's 6th

This weekend we celebrated Bella's 6th birthday party! Every year Bella picks a theme for her party. This year she vacillated between Wonder Woman, Care Bears, Princess Tea Party, and Ninja Turtles. In the end she surprised me by picking "Chibi Knight."

Chibi Knight is a flash game Bella and I did together about a small knight with a cute voice who goes on an adventure to save her little town. I say Bella and I worked on it together because I had Bella do the voice-acting for the little knight. So as you play you can hear her cute voice say such things as: "Hi-yah!, Boo-Yah!, Spell Time!, Yatta!, Neat!, Never Mind!, etc."

Once again, Circle went all out on the party and made an ornate Chibi Castle cake and entertained 9 invited kids + 6 un-invited kids from the neighborhood with games like "Pin the sword on Chibi", "Wizard treasure hunt", "Magic Wand Cat-tail decorations" and, of course, the "Final Boss" pinata battle.

I was not un-involved though, and added a 3-d paper cut-out of Chibi Knight to the cake, did art for the party game supplies, painted the "Final Boss" pinata, and made a special Chibi Knight mask for Bella to wear at her party.

How much prouder can a dad feel than to have his daughter choose one of his creations as the theme for her party over all the other stuff competing for her attention?


  1. How fun are you guys!! I don't think I will show this to Chloe...better that she does not know what she was missing:) That cake looks pretty awesome. Lucky, lucky girl!

  2. Yes, it's definitely wrong to spoil any child like this...and yet we do it every year...